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Sexual health nurse

Judgement-free support

Sexual health nurses provide accepting, non-judgemental sexual and reproductive healthcare and education.

You’ll find sexual health nurses in a whole range of environments like hospitals, schools, large clinics, and rural practices. As a sexual health nurse, you might work in-person with your patients – or by phone consultation. Wherever you work, you will provide an approachable, understanding presence for patients with a variety of sexual and reproductive health needs. You’ll offer contraception options, give fertility advice, and support with STI prevention, testing and treatment. Many sexual health nurses also prescribe contraceptive medicines or antibiotics for STI’s. You’ll help patients facing unwanted pregnancies, provide screening services and be a rainbow community ally and support.

As a sexual health nurse, you will learn to work particularly closely with young people – helping them understand their bodies, know their options, and learn to keep themselves safe.

Grace Esther, Sexual Health Nurse

At the core of it is genuine care and a love.


Sexual Health Nurse

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