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Emergency department nurse

Staying calm and thinking quickly

Emergency department (ED) nurses offer fast-paced care, ready for whatever comes their way.

You’ll find ED nurses at the very heart of the emergency room, offering a calm, quick-thinking presence. As an ED nurse you might find yourself triaging patients – prioritising those in immediate need, and managing the expectations of those who have to wait. One minute you may be helping the walking wounded – giving tetanus shots, taking blood, doing mental health and drug and alcohol assessments or ordering X-rays. Then soon after, you may find yourself racing to save a life.

This is a job which will keep you growing. You’ll learn about cardiology, advanced life support, trauma care, orthopaedics, suturing, mental health and addiction – and discover the importance of leadership and clear communication.

As an ED nurse, you’ll make sure people get the care they need when they need it – giving them the very best chance of recovery.

Duran Whiu, Emergency Department Nurse

You need to be dynamic, on your game.


Emergency Department Nurse

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