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Community nurse

Uplifting your hapori

Community nurses move around their communities – working hard to uplift the health of young people, older people, and everyone in between.

You’ll find community nurses in schools, homes, marae, community centres, and primary healthcare clinics. They’re often the face of healthcare for new parents, refugees, people experiencing homelessness, and those in prisons or hospices.

This important work is hugely varied. As a community nurse you might talk to young people about their wellbeing, or provide parents with information. You might work for Corrections, in long term condition management, preventative care and screening services, or as community cancer nurses, hospice at home teams, public health nurses or district nurses. Community nursing is an incredibly diverse and fulfilling area to work in, and as health services shift outside of hospitals, the opportunity to work within your community grows.

Franz Arevalo, Community Nurse.

Nursing is an amazing opportunity to advocate.


Community Nurse

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