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Burns and plastic surgery nurse

Boosting confidence

Burns and plastic surgery nurses help patients face the world with confidence by supporting them through reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

You'll find burns and plastic surgery nurses in public and private hospitals and clinics. These specialist nurses and their wider clinical teams help patients find confidence in their appearance - they address the physical signs of injury or invasive medical treatment, affirm gender identities, correct birth abnormalities, and help patients feel better about the way they look. As a burns and plastic surgery nurse, you might support patients before, during, and after surgery.

Burns and plastic surgery nurses have deep respect for other people's realities, and a desire to help patients move forward in their lives with bodies that reflect how they feel inside.

Denyse Lewis-Lavea, Burns and Plastic Surgery Nurse.

I’m so proud of the path I chose.


Burns and Plastic Surgery Nurse

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