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Aged care nurse

Honouring our kaumātua

Aged care nurses offer healthcare and compassion to our nation’s kaumātua.

Working with older people is a highly skilled and rewarding nursing specialisation and there are lots of opportunities for career progression

You’ll find aged care nurses in the community, aged residential care facilities and in hospitals. In these environments, aged care nurses work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals to coordinate care for older people working closely with their whanau. Aged Care nurses have advanced assessment, leadership and clinical decision making skills.

As an aged care nurse, you may lead a team of health care assistants, provide end of life care, prescribe medication, or support rehabilitation after surgery, injury, or illness.

As our population in Aotearoa ages, the demand for aged care nurses will continue to grow. This is an in-demand specialisation - and a powerful way to honour the lives and legacies for our cherished kuia and koroua.

Aged care takes real skill


Aged Care Nurse

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